We Are Not Alone

Anyone who has watched the FOX network soon realizes that Arizona is a hot bed of alien activity. Whether it be unexplained lights in the skies over Phoenix or abductions of red necks near Flagstaff. The question becomes, what do these aliens want? This question has haunted me since I moved here 6 years ago.

But after watching the Arizona Diamondbacks meteoric rise to the top of the standings, I became suspicious that perhaps they had help. I began digging around the Internet and noticed there were similarities between Diamondbacks players and other humans. This was more than a coincidence but I could not put my finger on an explanation.

All my life I have heard television referred to as the "idiot box". So-called experts have proclaimed television to deaden the senses and kill the mind. I am here to say that is not the case. It was while watching television one Sunday evening that this alien mystery was solved.

Aliens are coming to this planet, abducting humans and cloning them. They are slowly replacing humans with exact replicas. Television writers are geniuses. Not only did they give me this answer, but they also showed how to combat this problem; solving it in 30 minutes including commercials.

Many have asked, "What show gave you this profound knowledge?" My answer to that question is, the Flintstones! In this episode, aliens determined Fred was a typical human and cloned him over and over. The concept appears to be the same here though the aliens seem to be baseball fans as they have chosen Arizona Diamondbacks players as their unsuspecting victims. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.


Alien Clone
Randy Johnson Dennis - McCloud - Weaver
Randy Johnson Dennis "McCloud" Weaver
Travis Lee Chris - Robin - O'Donnell
Travis Lee Chris "Robin" O'Donnell
Matt Mantei Vanilla Ice
Matt Mantei Vanilla Ice
Matt Williams Victor - Daddy Warbucks - Garber
Matt Williams Victor "Daddy Warbucks" Garber
Buck Showalter Elroy Jetson
Buck Showalter Elroy Jetson