Chase Field Camera Policy

Chase Field Security is enforcing a policy that limits the size and types of cameras that are allowed into the ballpark.  The policy allows still cameras with fixed lenses and those with interchangeable lenses to enter the stadium.

For cameras capable of changing lenses, there is a size stipulation that the lens cannot be longer than 12 inches in length and no more than 4 inches in diameter. Guests are not allowed to bring any type of camera support system including monopods and tripods. Video cameras are allowed into the stadium but guests are not allowed to film the playing field or any game action. Taking video of the teams and/or players is prohibited by Major League Baseball.

The camera policy is to be enforced by all security personnel when guests enter the stadium. Anyone violating this policy is subject to having their camera equipment confiscated. Guests can retrieve the non-compliant photography equipment after the game at Guest Relations.

In order to minimize any potential delay in entering the gates of Chase Field, it is recommended that guests review their equipment prior to going to the game to ensure it is in compliance with this policy.